Back in the studio

Just spent most of today down at Sphere Studios, mixing the first two tracks of the new 4 track EP. The legendary Simon Bohannon took care of engineering duties, and it was just great to be back there, spending time concentrating solely on the sounds.

You forget what it’s like to have no distractions, and to able to focus. I wish I could spend every day recording and mixing, but hey. We got a lot done, and we’re back for more tomorrow.

The tracks are being mixed through a very shiny SSL 4000+ desk, which sounds amazing. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in front of such a powerful monitoring/speaker set up too: three sets of very nice wall-mounted Dynaudio Acoustics reference monitors. Nice. The temptation is to listen only through the big system, but it makes everything sound good, so you don’t get an accurate picture of how the mix is working. Instead, you have to toggle between different, normal speakers that the rest of the world use, to make sure the mixes will sound ok in normal life, not just slamming in clubs.

Anyway, there’s still quite a bit to do, so more on this tomorrow…!

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