Berlin – politics and radio interference

I was in Berlin a few weeks ago, to do a panel session on collective rights management for music, mainly in the context of broadcast. It was interesting to be in a country where broadcast and telecommunications have played such a huge political role, good and very bad, over recent decades. It’s interesting that even in 2013 this continues to be extremely significant – perhaps not in manipulating the masses, but in no less political terms, as the recent bugging of German politicians’ telephone communications by the US government has shown.

The US embassy in Berlin is sandwiched immediately between the Brandenburg Gate and Holocaust Memorial, just off Pariser Platz. Everyone knows the Brandenburg Gate, but the other two may not be familiar, so a couple of photos are below.

The US Embassy in Berlin:

US embassy in BerlinThe garden of the US Embassy looks out onto the Brandenburg Gate and Pariser Platz:

Brandenburg Gate


And round to the left, on the other side of the US Embassy is the striking and unsettling Holocaust Memorial, or to give it its formal name, the ‘Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe’.

Berlin Holocaust Memorial


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