Saving Futures photo featured on Dutch travel site

Just found out that one of my photos has been used on the Dutch travel website Travel Agenda, as their main photo for Cairo in an article on the world’s 20 biggest cities. But which photo is it…?

Find out here (scroll down a bit until you get to “Cairo”).

The site is in Dutch, so here’s a translation of what they have to say:

“Egypt - Population: 10.8 million - Cairo is the largest city in Africa. The Egyptian metropolis has, partly by rapid growth, many problems with air pollution. The major causes of this are exhaust fumes in traffic. Cairo has between 4 and 5 million cars, of which more than half are over 10 years old.”

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  1. Jenny says:

    Well done! You never know who’se keeping an eye on the Saving Futures website!!

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