David Byrne – London field recordings and video

I’ve just seen an interesting project from musician/artist David Byrne¬†(scroll down for the video). He was staying in Southwark, near where I used to live, in February, and put together an audio/video montage of sounds from around the area. All sorts over very familiar sounds are included, from the rhythms of the trains, to the Thames sloshing about around Rotherhithe.

My favourite sound – aside from the Strawberry Seller? The sample of the Southwark Cathedral organ reinterpreted into a funky hook to glue the other sounds together. David noticed that all the sounds he recorded shared a similar tempo of around 122 beats per minute, which helps give the piece some uniformity. It’s very evocative, and very clever – and note the title “Hearts of Darkness” – a subtle reference indeed.

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