Egypt book – progress update…

I thought it might be useful to give a quick update on how my Egypt book is progressing. It’s taken quite a while to go through my old journal entries, which I typed up all those years ago into a Word document, which has been sitting on my computer ever since. I’ve now edited that down, gone through it in some detail, adding and removing bits and pieces, to make it less of a diary, and more of a narrative. I’m just a week or so away from having an edited draft ready for wider reading, so will hope to update on this soon.

Of course, after the text is ready, the next step is getting the photos done. I have a couple of hundred slides from my early trips to Egypt in the mid 1990s, which are now historical records in their own right. They all need to be scanned, and then sifted to see which ones add to the story in the text. This will take a while, but with any luck this is something that can be done in the next couple of months. As a taster, attached is one of the photos I scanned a while back, as I was checking if any of these slides would still look any good. It’s a picture of the collapsed pyramid at Meidum, about 40 kilometres south of Cairo.

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