Is this legit?

I noticed that one of my photo descriptions on Flickr wasn’t quite right, so decided to copy and paste the text into Google as a starting point to get the rest of the info I needed. I was surprised to see that a list of sites came up with exactly the same wording, all pointing to my photos, hosted on sites other than Flickr. One of them is this one. The name is “Fluidr” which sounds a bit suspect, and while the Creative Commons attributes are the same as those I originally assigned to the photo, it doesn’t quite smell right. There is an ‘About’ page which claims that the site is a better way to view photos posted to Flickr, but (a) is this service commercial, and (b) even if it isn’t, it seems to be stretching the Creative Commons license a bit far by copying every image posted to Flickr, then re-hosting it as a rebranded service. What do you think? All views appreciated!

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