List of items missing from Egyptian Museum, Cairo – and join the Zahi Hawass fanclub.

The Penn Cultural Heritage Centre at the University of Pennsylavnia has published a detailed list of some of the items that have gone missing from the Egyptian Museum. Aside from the dramatic political events that have gone on in Egypt over the last few weeks, it wasn’t all good news. Some of the things that have been pinched are among the best known objects in the whole museum – the gold leaf statue of Tutankhamun being carried above the head of a goddess, or the statue of Tutankhamun stepping forward to spear fish being among them. They may turn up again at some point, but they certainly won’t be showing up on the open market. Have a look at the Penn list here.

We can’t even count on the energy of Zahi Hawass to step in and make things OK again. His flirtation with politics (he was given a minister’s role before the uprising) has come to a premature end, as he resigned his post earlier this week. It’s unclear who will step in to manage antiquities at senior level in Egypt, but Dr Hawass has left quite a legacy. You can join the Zahi Hawass fanclub here.

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