Photo update

A quick update on a few sites that my Saving Photos pictures have appeared on. The Circumference calls itself an ‘inspired travel site’ – does this mean the site is inspired, or the travel?! Anyway, they have used one of my photos of Abu Simbel in a nice photo carousel in a section talking about the history of this amazing temple at the south of Egypt. Check it out at The Circumference.

Delicious Chaos is a site by freelance writer Nick Rowlands, who lives in Egypt. He liked my photo of the reliefs inside the temple of Seti I at Abydos, and used one to give some atmosphere to a piece he’s written about aliens and time machines. On a more serious note, he also writes about some sustainable energy projects in Egypt, so it’s well worth a look. Check it out at Delicious Travel.

A while back I was contacted on Flickr about some of my other photos by a group called Heritage Key. They have a really good website on histoary and archaeology from all over the world, and are real enthusiasts about the subject. The photo they’ve used on their site will be familiar to some of you, not least at it’s had nearly 3,000 views on Flickr! Check it out at Heritage Key.

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