Travel chaos

I quite like travel (see my travel blog for more details). When you go abroad, sometimes you have time to take in where you are, experience the culture, and the journey really is as much part of the adventure/learning experience as the destination. Unfortunately the same doesn’t tend to hold true back home. You don’t really care about the journey when you see the same stuff out of the window every day, and when you’re coming home, you just want to get back as quick as you can.

So why am I saying all that? Because last weekend was a classic example of travel back home being a real pain. With the cold weather (terrible excuse!), most trains were cancelled coming back from London late, so I couldn’t get to see Leftfield at Brixton. All those weeks of looking forward to it, and it didn’t happen…

The good news though is that some good discussions have been happening about the possibility of co-ordinating the promotion of the Easywork Nifty EP release with Djum Djum’s work with the band, so it might be that we can work together to get something off the ground in 2011. Watch this space.

Meanwhile, a reminder that you can download free clips of the EP and special exclusive ringtone edits to put in your phone at Soundcloud, here.

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