Working in Law 2013 (2nd edition) – now out!

The second edition of my legal careers book ‘Working In Law’ is now published, and available. My publisher asked me for a few words to support the press release, which sum up the background and purpose of this particular book:

“Pursuing a career in law requires huge personal commitment, and the options available can be bewildering. Despite the stereotypical view that law is a stuffy, old-fashioned profession, it is in fact an extremely dynamic environment. When I was deciding whether to train and qualify as a solicitor, there was no single, authoritative guide, written by someone who had trained, qualified and successfully forged a career in today’s legal world. I found the education and training process hugely rewarding, but there were a few things I wish I’d known – from an insider’s perspective – before I’d started. Working In Law 2013 provides that insight for anyone serious about a career in law.”

The easiest place to buy it is Amazon, of course.

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